Today :)

Today is September 5, 2016. It is a holiday, Labor Day.

Le burger week is a week-long celebration of burgers. There are 59 restaurants that have made new premium burgers for people to enjoy and hopefully vote on. The burger with the most votes becomes the Le Burger winner for 2016. Cam, Steph, Harlen, Jaydyn, Madison and I went to  Nuburger (the Osborne Village location) to see what they offered.

Nuburger’s offering at this location was

The O.C. (Orange County)Red Angus Manitoba Beef Barbecued in a Ginger Soy Glaze, Fresh Orange and Grape Salsa, Candied Bacon, Balsamic Onions, Creamy Goat Cheese, Artisan Lettuce, Sweet and Spicy Chili mayo. $10.75

As you can see it was DELICIOUS!! We love Nuburger, they make unique burgers, like the blueberry yum yum burger, the deliciousmosttastiest bacon cheddar burger, the Summer Breeze, and the Drunken Auzzie to name a few. They are also gluten friendly a bonus for my family.

After a delicious burger Jaydyn, Maddy, Cam and I went to The Forks. Jaydyn and Cam went to go Pokemoning and Maddy and I went to just enjoy ourselves.

Eventually we split off and Maddy and I went to look for graffiti art. I love well done graffiti. We found a really nice one in the skate park and a few under the York Street bridge.

Then we went into The Forks and sampled a few of the different flavors of salt water taffy from the candy store in The Forks. There was even a flavor called Chicken and Waffles :). We tried it and it was surprisingly good. It mostly tasted like waffles and maple syrup.

Then Maddy and I bought some really seeded bread from Tall Grass Bakery and went to find some ducks to feed.

Often I really regret and at times resent the fact that as a family we haven’t been able to travel. Today I remembered that we can have a lot of fun here, as long as we are together. It was a great day. We ended our adventure with Tim Horton’s tea :). Now to pop some popcorn and watch a movie. 🙂

Be blessed.


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