God Can Deal With Your Shit, Literally!

Sorry for the title, but I know no other way to say this. (maybe poop, but that seems like too silly/childish a word to use in this situation).

I had a really interesting experience Tuesday to Wednesday. I found out just how much God is involved in my everyday life. On Monday, I noticed that the sewer seemed to be a little higher than normal, so I kept an eye on it. It didn’t really change, so I went to check it a few times. In our area we have large Elm trees, and usually we have to get our roots taken care of every year to 18 months. It wasn’t time yet, so I didn’t worry about it too much. We had the sewer cleaned out in spring so I thought it should be ok. I hoped that we would not have to get the plumber out again, we don’t have much money this paycheck. We have been dealing with an extremely large water bill. We had a leak from our ice maker fridge and a slow leak in our toilet. We get estimated bills most time. We pay them, and when we get bills that are really large, we take a reading, and end up having a large credit. Normally we use less water than the average household. About 2 months ago we got an estimated bill for just over $1200. So I called it in and instead of $1200 it was $1700. Crap!! It was stupid of us to not give them regular readings, so we have had to pay the consequences. This was a kick in the teeth of our already very limited, tight, no real wiggle room budget. We were expecting that we might not have to pay a water bill for a couple of months with the credit we were expecting. That has been the case for a few years. It was really stupid, we know this now. It is a hard lesson to learn, but Cam and I usually learn the hard way. So when the water looked a little higher than normal, I was hoping that it wouldn’t get worse. My budget had just enough to pay for our animal’s licenses, they have to be bought tomorrow or we will be slapped with a $250 fine per animal. We have 3 dogs and 2 cats. I know, I know, that is crazy, but we love animals, and the last two were animals that needed to be rescued. I haven’t had a haircut for quite a few months, because we have no room in the budget for it. I am telling you all this, not for sympathy, but for context for this story.

God is aware of what is going on. He lets us face our consequences, I think that He is hoping that Cam and I will learn faster, so that the consequences are not as painful to our pocketbook. Usually we make it, yes things get tight for a while, but we manage. This time though there has been no wiggle room, we have been having a really hard time over the last several months paying the things that need to be paid, insurance on the car, the house, groceries etc. A haircut is a luxury right now. 🙂 Oh well, I don’t need to have perfect hair to enjoy life :). This last month, the bills have been piling up as we pay the water bill. We made payment arrangements for it, so we had to honor them and make them on time or get our water turned off.  We don’t want that.

Anyway to get back to this sewer situation, Tuesday Cam was at our church’s men’s Burnt Offerings at church. They go to the park and barbecue over a fire and socialize, once a month. I wish our women’s ministry would do something like this, I am not really into women’s bible studies where you sit around and eat dainties. So while Cam was at this event, I went downstairs to check on the sewer, and it was overflowing and spilling out the contents of it over our basement floor. Crap!! Literally! I was freaking out, there was absolutely no money for it. I could use the license money, but that would only pay for about 1/3 of the bill, I expected it would be. I was really upset, and yelled at God, asking Him where He thought that we could get this money. I broke down, and Jaydyn and Maddy offered to help do what they could. This is very humiliating. At almost 50, you would think that we would have our shit together. 😦 So to be rescued by your kids is hard to take. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?? So all evening and all the next day we used the water as little as we could. I went out for coffee to go to the bathroom in the morning, Cam was at work all day, so he was ok, Maddy and Jaydyn were at work too, so they were ok too. I called the plumber in the morning, I got a few quotes and looked online for good reviews on plumbers, and went for the most reasonable plumber who had good reviews. Hollis’ Sewer and Drain was who I went with, he was recommended by the top plumbing company. They didn’t clean drains, but they called this guy when they needed that to be done. He wasn’t sure he could fit me in, but he came at the end of his day, at about 4:15pm. I showed him where the sewer was and went upstairs to let him get to work. A few minutes later, he comes up and asks what happened last night, so I said that the sewer had been overflowing. He said that he couldn’t see any problems, that our sewer was flowing freely. He asked me to flush our upstairs toilet and he flushed the basement one, and everything was great. What??? I asked him how much we owed him, he came to do a job, there is usually a fee for someone to show up. He said, don’t worry about it, call me again if you need me. What???

All I could think after that is that God cared about what was going on, and He took care of my shit, literally. I don’t mind that He showed off a bit in this way, actually, I think that in this situation that it was undeniable that He would be involved in this way. Some may say that it was a blockage and it just unblocked itself. I say that God unblocked it for me, and that He was showing me that He is aware of my troubles and that He can take care of anything, and that nothing is too little or disgusting to take care of, when it comes to His children. He is a good parent, He allows consequences to happen, but He also rescues us when it is needed. He showed me a little more of Himself, and He allowed me to see that our girls are generous and wouldn’t leave us in a lurch. God is good, and He gave my girls good hearts. I know just a little bit more that He takes care of me, and is aware of my struggles, He doesn’t leave me to handle what I cannot handle by myself. He is there, and He is aware.

Hopefully this story helps someone else. It is not something I would ordinarily write about, it is a little embarrassing, actually a lot, but Cam encouraged me to share it. We both feel like this was a God thing. It proved that He loves us, it showed our girls that God is involved in our everyday lives, and everyday problems. He keeps proving that He is trustworthy. That we can count on Him completely, even when life is hard.


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