On Saturday June 24th, 2017, I turned 49. When I was a child, 50 was the age I saw and labled as old. This number has raced towards me in what seems like a very short time. I no longer see the number 49 as old. LOL. That day was filled with love and blessing. My husband and kids made sure I felt loved and appreciated. The day was filled with a delicious breakfast, searching for a chocolate bar made without sugar or artificial sugar. I found one sweentened with Stevia (It was actually amazingly good), Thanks Cam. Pizza at Za Pizza Bistro, my kids joined me there as well. Later that evening we went to a movie of my choice. All my kids and my grandson joined me to watch Cars 3. I love Disney. There is usually a Disney movie released around my birthday. When my kids were little this became a tradition, mom’s birthday = going to a Disney movie. Even now this is what I love to do, and I am grateful that my family continues to indulge me. I wanted to watch this with my adorable grandson, he is 5 and loves cars, so this was right up his alley. To wrap up my day, most of my family went to Tim Hortons for tea and conversation. Unfortunately it was too late for Paxton and Amanda to join us there. It was a great day, and I am so grateful for everyone of my family members for doing their part in that. My mom and my sister and I got together on Friday June 23rd, the day before my birthday to celebrate both my sisters birthday and mine. Her birthday was at the beginning of June. We enjoyed lunch together at The Old Spaghetti Factory.

I look at life today, 49+16 days, and see so many possibilities, so many adventures ahead. I reminise about the adventures that I have already been on, I see some of the lessons found inside, found within both the joy and the pain and I see the value in those experiences. Today I am looking through the lenses of hope. I know where my hope lies, I know who I have entrusted and attached my hope to. My God will not let me down! If nothing else, God has taught me this, that He is my only hope, He is the only source of hope. He is life and He is love. All that I have is because He gave it to me. All I have experienced and will continue to experience, is because of God’s grace, mercy and incredible love. I have not given up, even when things are hard, only because I know that I am not living this life alone. God promises to be with me through it all. He is with me, in both the sorrow and the joy. He weeps with me when I weep, He celebrates and laughs when I laugh and celebrate. Just because God is with me, does not mean my life is always perfect. He could do that for me, but He knows that life lived only in joy and ease, is a one dimentional life. You cannot know joy without pain, you can not know success with out some failure or disappointments. We cannot comprehend love unless we have experienced hate. God is love. Our enemy is hate. I know that even though life can be rough, I am not alone in it, I know who is my rescuer, I place  my hope in His hands and He doesn’t let me down. I know without doubt that God is with me no matter what. I also know that He loves me no matter what.

People look for God to give in to their whims, that is not how it works with God. He invites on an adventure into the lessons that He wants to teach us. He wants to impart to us His wisdom, His grace, His mercy and an abundance of His love, but it is up to accept those gifts. I am grateful. These are gifts that God gives me, not just on my birthday, but in every moment of every day. God’s gifts are truly the gifts that don’t stop giving.

We all have a choice to make. Will we choose Him and the adventures that He wants to take us on, or do we choose a life lived for ourselves, ruled by our self centered nature, rejecting God. Many people take the second choice, pointing out all the “wrong” that they think that God has done, accusing Him of lacking power and or love. If they chose to really look at Him, if they would chose to look beyond their anger or pain, they would see the truth, that what they think is so far from the truth it is not funny. It frustrates me when I see someone who blames God for all the hurt and pain in this world. God didn’t create it or want it. His plans were for joy, love and abundance. We as human beings choose to turn away from that, from God. When we live apart from God the concequences can be hard, but it is our choice. Sometimes life is hard because of ripples of selfishness, either your own, or someone elses. Eventually it all boils down to our enemy’s whole mission, to destroy those God loves. God chooses to love all those He created, whether you accept that truth is your choice to make. I chose God, I choose to go on the adventures that He chooses not mine. I have way more peace when I am with God. I have tried life without God and it was never truly peaceful, never truly filled with lasting joy, there was no real future purpose to it beyond selfish desires. No thank you, I tried that life and found it severely lacking. I am living with my choice and I love it. Is it always easy, no, but it is always worth it.

So as I grow older, I discover more richness in a life lived with God. I gain more wisdom as I listen to God, I gain a mission and a purpose that Has everlasting results. My life is rich, it is good, it is full of exciting adventure and beauty. Life lived with God is intoxicating. I do not always live right, I do have my selfish moments, and this is where it is hard to see the good in life. it is like I forget about God. However, God is always waiting for me to remember, He gives me lots of hints of His presence and I am grateful that He never gives up on me, He loves me no matter what or how many times I have to relearn the lessons that He is teaching me. He is very patient with me. I am grateful. Because of my relationship with my heavenly Father, I can move out into situations that would naturally scare my introverted nature (it is still uncomfortable, but I can do it). I know from choosing to trust Him, that my faith is being built up as I chose to trust. I am looking forward to what the rest of my life will teach me, and the adventures that God and I will go on, I hope that I can leave a legacy of a life lived for God. My greatest wish is for this relationship to pass on to my children, my grandchildren, and for as many generations as God blesses me with. 

I am so grateful for my God, for my family, for my friends. All of these are incredible blessings given to me by a loving God, my Heavenly Father. I will Praise God for His goodness, for the rest of my life.