My name is Tanis. I am first and foremost a daughter of God. I am the wife to Cameron Gray, often called Cam’s wife :). I am mom to four wonderful, amazing daughters: Amanda, Stephanie, Jaydyn, and Madison, because of them I get the privilege of being called mom. I am a mother-in-law to Harlen Card (Stephanie’s husband). I am also a blessed grandma to a phenomenal grandson Paxton (Amanda’s son), I love to hear him call me grandma. I am known by many names, but the one I cherish above all others is the new name that God gave me in 2003, BEAUTIFUL, that name changed me forever, it was a name given to me to give me evidence of His great love for me. Before that I was a shell of a woman. I hated who I was, and thought I was worthless. Now God has rescued me from that prison and shown me that I am meant to live within His love, in the freedom to be myself. He had a plan for my life and it was never meant to include the names I called myself: worthless, ugly, loner, unwanted, stupid and so on. These names kept me hidden from this world. I called myself these names even after I became a child of God. God had to burst into my world to shake those awful names away from me. I think that throughout my life He was speaking my God-given name over me, I just couldn’t hear Him, I was too busy listening to what I thought others said about me. I am incredibly grateful that He did break through.

I still struggle against the old names, I have a hard time giving them up. It does get easier as time goes along. However if I fail at something or told I have done something wrong those names rear their ugly heads. Now, though, I know to whom I need to turn to hear His name for me, the one He gave me since the beginning of time. When God thought of me, even before He created me, He called me beautiful. Wow!

Here are some other facts about me, I am an artist, a writer, and a supporter and admirer of God’s women. God has made all His daughters beautiful. When we understand that we are loved by God, we shine, and that is beautiful.

This is the message that God has given to me to spread to the women that He loves. All the broken, hurting, self loathing women out there. There are many of us out there, if you are one of them, you are definitely not alone. Most of us have something that keeps us from loving who God made us to be. God desperately wants to tell His girls the truth. He wants us to live in the freedom of His truth. When we are free to live in this newfound truth, we are able to reach out to a hurting world, and allow God’s healing to flow through us. His light within us becomes the catalyst for that healing. His light shines into the darkest, deepest places, He is not afraid of those dark, hidden places within us. He willingly walks into our pain and meets us in our mess, and draws us out into His light and His love, healing us from the inside out.

This is what God has given me to say to you

“I love you                                                                                                                                                           I gave you value at a great price                                                                                                              Tell them they are beautiful, that I find them captivating                                                                 Tell them that I gave up everything for them                                                                                    Tell them that through them I will heal the world, through their hands and feet. I will make their hands and feet mine, I will heal families through them, first their own, then others around them. I will heal marriages. I will heal broken people through them. This world is crying out for me, and because I work through my people, they are NEEDED!!          I have given them a nurturing spirit for a reason.                                                                        They are my beloved and I am theirs.                                                                                                  Tell them that they are never alone, that I am close and intimately involved.                            I want to heal them in their deepest places, where they though nobody notices, I notice.    I want to tell them how I have given them significance.                                                              Tell them that the enemy wants to destroy them, but that I will not let him. They are mine, and mine alone.                                                                                                                               Tell them that I have a new name for them, it is Beautiful, Beloved, Precious, Valuable,  Captivating, and Lovely.                                                                                                                          Tell them I want them to stop hiding their beauty, I created them because the world is desperate for me, for who I God am through them.                                                                          He wants to live out His love and His healing through you                                                               He wants you to know that only you can do what He created for, and if you don’t the world loses out. He will get it done without you, but not in the way He had originally planned on doing it.                                                                                                                                                          God has given me the wonderful message that there is a purpose for your life, He will show you if you listen to His voice and pay attention to what He is showing you.               God wants me to tell you that to make it in this life, He needs to be your all, your everything.                                                                                                                                            Because He lives within you He is the one who is in the most intimate relationship with you.                                                                                                                                                                  Tell women to stop competing with each other, stop judging and start working together. They are more when they give others room to be who they are. They are more when they work together.”

This message is for you and for me. I understand that it seems so overwhelming and it may even seem wrong and impossible. It is impossible without God, but completely possible with God. This is the truth. God is Good, and He calls you Beautiful! Bask in that love and then worship The Lover of your soul! There is no life like this life of love. 🙂