Wearable Art with a Message

I chose to name my jewelry Broken Clay because just like us it is beautiful and broken. Everyone you meet around you is broken in some way by life circumstances, choices we make in life, or choices someone else makes, that is out of our control. When we take all our brokenness to God and allow Him to redeem the brokenness in our lives, He puts us back together, and His light shines through our cracks. It gives us an incomparable beauty. It is not our glory that shines through the cracks for the world to see, but God’s glory. When God’s glory shines we become beautiful and people take notice.

There are many designs, shapes and colors to choose from. Just like you each piece is unique. I will endeavor to post up pictures of the new pieces I make in the design pages. The jewelry comes on a cord and is packaged with it’s message.

Thank you

Tanis Gray