If I look back Broken Clay was started in April of 2003. At a ladies retreat God reached into my world and spoke my God-given name over me. Beautiful. At the time He gave me a image of a hand drawn flower. Drawn like a child would draw a flower. He also gave me a verse Psalm 45:11 (NIV) I didn’t really pay attention to that until I was asked to speak at a teen mom’s retreat. I know from experience how tough it is to be a mom to little kids and so I wanted to give them something to remember what I had talked about. I had talked about my story and how God broke into my world with one word and changed my life forever. I wanted these young women to remember that God feels about them like that too. So as I was praying abouty it, God reminded me of the flower that He had shown me 3 years prior. I was being taught pottery and hand buiilding by my friend Lynne King, and God used my time with her to show me what He wanted me to make…a piece of clay that had a flower on it and had been broken somewhere on the piece. I made them as necklaces so that these women who would get them would have something to remind them of God’s message to them. They could wear them. I know that mine is often like a worry stone to me. I will touch it and be reminded of God’s feelings towards me, especially when I am anxious or feeling worthless. These pieces of broken clay were loved. The women were so thankful and were asking to buy more for friends. Several people wanted me to come and speak at other womens events and spread God’s incredible message to other women who needed to hear it. I was both incredulous and blessed. Often I thought that God gave a weird ministry. God broke my heart for His women, women in pain and unaware of His great love and thoughts about them. He also gave me a creative ministry since He created me with a very creative, artistic bent.

Only you are the perfect combination of body, mind, personality and spirit. There is no one else exactly like you. God only makes one of a kind creations. Everything He makes is a masterpiece. You are Beautiful!

The verse that was given to me is

Psalm 45:11 (NIV) The King is enthralled with your beauty, honor Him for He is your Lord. (the capitalization is mine)

Here are some of the pieces of jewelry that I design that come with the message Beautiful